Changing My Life | Part Four

It's the second week of my spring break, and I'm still somehow getting stressed over doing too little work. I'm literally supposed to be doing nothing!

  1. I started running
    I downloaded Couch to 5k again and started running to it last week! I'm feeling excited about the future and being able to run further than I currently can.
  2. I got an essentials kit together
    My steel straw, glass water bottle & cutlery. Taking it out with me is another story but!! I have it together. Progress.
  3. I vlogged again
    Last week I didn't feel like filming but this week, though it wasn't as productive or exciting as other weeks have been, I still put it together and learned things.
  4. I celebrated my lil brother's birthday
    Self explanatory, really. 
  5. I started getting things ready for my move
    A few weeks left until my boyfriend & I move! I've been sorting out boxes and paperwork. Hopefully it'll all pay off when the time comes. 

Next Weeks Goals;

  1. Take my essentials kit wherever I go
  2. Meditate at least once
  3. Start listening to an audio book
  4. Stick to my meal plan (i.e. takeaway once, if at all.)
  5. Talk to my doctor 


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