My March Favourites

In honour of women's history month (a couple days late, I know!), I conjured up a list of all my fav gals & gal related things - from music playlists to Youtubers, to Instagram pages. It's a good time. 

Let's start with Youtubers;

  1. Jenny Mustard
    One of my biggest inspirations for aesthetics and lifestyle. Jenny has the most beautiful way of putting videos together and making you feel productive & cozy at the same time. She talks about being zero waste, a minimalist, and general self-improvement. 
  2. WearILive
    Another Jenny - who is also killing it in aesthetics. I came across her channel recently and fell in love with her filming style. Last year she made a video about THINX, where she wore period pants for a week and my goodness, it felt like I was watching some cute french indie movie. Give it a watch. 
  3. TheSorryGirls
    Just two gal pals bringing you sweet DIY inspo multiple times a week. If you're into crafty activities or just enjoy watching the process of turning junk into furniture, these two are definitely worth looking at.
  4. SweetPotatoSoul
    Jenné Claiborne is a vegan Youtuber, bringing you really simple and cute recipes (and a lot of sweet potatoes). I love the way she films, edits, talks, thinks - I just think she's a really great person to look to if you're feeling a little bit lost when it comes to food and living healthier.
  5. FurryLittlePeach
    Sha'an d'Anthes, an Australian based illustrator shares her creative process online, working mostly with watercolours. Though I'm not as actively creative as I used to be, I still love sitting down to watch her putting together lovely pieces in her plant-filled studio. 
  6. Stef Sanjati
    Stef is a wonderful human. She shares her experiences of transitioning, mental health, surgery procedures and general life in such an authentic and honest way, it's so refreshing to watch, and so informative. As well as the more serious topics, she has a series of sex toy unboxing videos where she talks super positively about sex in a way that isn't overly gendered. It's great.
  7. Fran Meneses
    Another illustrator I have come to love over the past few months. Fran shares her creative process but also shares the not so creative moments in her life, where she discusses how to pull yourself out of artists block, getting motivated, and pushing yourself to draw things you're less experienced with. Her videos are super soothing, deffo worth checking out. 
  8. PetiteAdventure & Jusuf
    I put these two together as they are sisters, and equally as wonderful. They live in Switzerland and document their lives at school, home and everything in between. I've been especially loving Jusuf's (Jasmines) self-care & productivity videos. Her softness and forgiving nature really inspires me to be kinder to myself. 
  9. Hannah Witton
    Hannah is a wonderful person. What drew me to her videos initially was her sense of humour and willingness to learn about different people & communities. She's got a platform to inspire, and she's using it to do so. Recently she underwent huge changes in her health and has been super transparent about the process, including posting body positive photos of her new stoma bag on Instagram. What a blessing. 
  10. Cheyenne Barton
    Cheyenne has a really beautiful way of vlogging that makes her life seem like a movie. She talks about mental health, sings a little, shares her bullet journal spreads, and has the occasional (but needed) rants about feminism. "we don't owe you anything" was one of my first videos of hers I came across, it's a good one. 

On to Music! 

I created a playlist called "tiny feminist" at the beginning of March which includes all my fav feminist bops. You can find it here. The playlist includes songs from MILCK (famous for her women's march anthem "Quiet"), Yuna, Laura Mvula, Kesha's "Praying", Demi Lovato, Lizzo, and more boss ass babes. It's an on-going process, it'll never stop growing. Ever.

Next up, Instagram. 

A recent find, but a good one. Pinkbits describes it's Instagram as "Illustrating the bits and shapes we're told to hide" which is pretty accurate. It's a compilation of women - women with skin conditions, women with penises, women with disabilities, women of colour, women with scars, gay women, women on their periods, women with babies, women who enjoy sex, women who don't, women with hairy armpits, women with stomas, women with acne, women with vitiligo, all the women. It's basically amazing.

Almudena is an amazing fine artist who shares her line-art creations on instagram. We went to art college together, and aside from having a fab name and looking like Helena Bonham Carter's twin, she's such a gentle, wonderful woman and is doing great things with her art. It's really great to see. 

That's it for this month! I hope, if anything, you go away with some wonderful women to follow and be inspired by! Happy (late) women's history month, and thank you all for doing what you do.