Changing My Life | Part Three

I'm fighting the urge to say this week was awful because I didn't go to the gym much, and I ate crap for half of it. It's true, but instead of focusing on the things I failed to achieve, I'm going to talk about what I did achieve. 

1. I kept everything vegan
When I binge, I get tempted to go for anything and everything, even if I don't like it. This week I had days where I felt awful, but I made an effort to stay vegan, no matter how junky. I've been vegan for a while but I think it's important to remind myself that every day/ week/ month counts. 

2. I meditated
I like the way I feel when I meditate, so I want to do it more often. 

3. I got more environmentally concious. 
I've got a little linen bag with some cutlery I take with me wherever I go to avoid having to use plastic last minute. I didn't have to use it, but I think it's still important to keep it with me.

I also bought a glass waterbottle that takes tea, so future me doesn't have an excuse to buy bottles of water when I'm out! 

Last but not least - I finally ordered some steel straws. I've been meaning to for a while but was putting it off for some reason. Any time I get given a straw with anything I just have that image of the poor turtle with the straw in it's nose and have a wave of guilt flow over me. It's such a problem and so many people are unaware, including myself. I'm tempted to make a video on my eco-friendly finds. 

I want to continue working on my plastic useage, but this is a good start.

4. I drank more tea
A big deal for the guy that always orders an iced caramel frappachino. Not only does this reduce the crap I'm putting into my body, it also reduced the plastic I'm throwing away. I've been swapping out coffee for tea and though I'm yet to see a difference, I'm feeling optimistic. 

5. I've found some cute places to study
It's become evident that I struggle to study in my own home, so going out to find cute places is a habbit I want to get down with. This week I worked in a starbucks, and a local bookshop. It was a fun time. 

6. I made it to the end of the week
Hooray, me. I went to work, I went to uni, I went to placement, I got all my work done, I did it. It's now my spring term and I now have 3 weeks of to let myself breathe. I am so ready for it. 

Though it's a holiday, I still want to work on my goals - just with a little more resting time.

Next week my goals are to; 

  1. Write the first draft of my assignment to get it out of the way. 
  2. Start couch to 5k
  3. Meditate atleast once
  4. Do yoga atleast once 
  5. Go to the gym 3 times





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