Changing My Life | Part Two

This week my quest was to mainly begin implementing core habits into my life, and I'd call it pretty successful. I'm keeping my long-term goals in mind at the beginning of the week, and doing something little each day to get towards that goal. I learnt a few things throughout the week and i'm starting to feel quite positive about a few things. I want to talk about a few goals in particular;

1. Being fit/ healthy
Being an automatically hydrated and active babe begins with me constantly reminding myself to drink water and go to the gym even at times that aren't perfect for me. Seems super simple, I know, but coming from someone who'll actively avoid drinking all day if it means I don't have to walk further than 3 steps, it's a big deal. I've found that having other healthy habits in place makes me feel more motivated to drink water, i.e. having a tidy space, a healthy lunch, being on top of my to-do list, sitting up straight, being aware of how I'm feeling etc. So I guess it's just a case of keeping up the positive cycle as much as I can. 

I'm also starting to enjoy the process of working out. There's been so much pressure to reach my end goal that it's been hard to be present, but since I'm logging the weights I'm lifting each week, it's making me more excited about the little things. Being able to lift 5kg with my shoulders is something I'm excited to try and achieve next week - it's such a small thing, but I can imagine looking back in months to come and seeing massive changes. Being present with little steps this week has made going to the gym so much more enjoyable.

2. Living a zero waste/ eco-friendly lifestyle
One thing I caught myself doing mid week was getting a take-out box from uni and having to use plastic cutlery. It got me thinking about what I could do to be better, so I figured it could be a good idea to sort out a lil essentials pack to take with me when I'm out. Things like some cutlery, my own tupperware for food, a reusable straw, some cloths instead of paper napkins etc. Maybe my goal for next week can be to try not to use any disposable containers and start on my essentials pack. 

3. Continue doing youtube
I worried about making these vlogs as I wasn't sure if they would be to everyone's taste, but after some thought I realised how beneficial they've been to me, how they've been helping the few who watch them, and how rewarding it is to see the videos come together. I've stayed on track both last week and this week through editing daily and it's given me back some of the passion I lost in the last few months. 

My goals for next week are to;

  1. make some nutritious meals for the week
  2. go to the gym 3 times
  3. do yoga at least once
  4. try to meditate once?
  5. take cutlery with me wherever I go
  6. drink more tea
  7. go to uni  
  8. complete all my homework before it's due
  9. make plans with a friend
  10. study somewhere that isn't a library

It'll be a fresh start and I'm excited for it! Hooray!


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