How to Make Walks Fun


People are constantly talking about the importance of going outside and staying active; how morning walks are beneficial for your body and your mind, but for some, it's so difficult to do. 

It’s that idea of wandering outside for no reason. Give me a place to be and I’ll be happy to walk there, but a stroll in the morning just for better “health”? I can think of so many other things I’d rather be doing. 

I put together a list of things you can do to give yourself that extra push when it comes to being outside.

Use your morning walks to call your friends/ family
You know when your family or friends complain that you haven’t gotten in touch in over a month and you insist that it’s just because you’ve been busy but really it’s probably because you keep forgetting and get caught up in watching crappy reality tv? Well, going on a walk will give you time to reach out for a little natter every so often. 

Walk to the markets/ shops in the afternoon to buy the fruit & veg on sale
This depends on where you live of course, but if you’re within a 15-20 minute walk to the nearest produce market, why not walk there? Take a backpack so it’s easier to carry home, and time it so you get the cheaper stuff at the end of the day.

Find a park bench to do your reading on
If you’re someone who finds it difficult to find time to read, going on a walk and finding a place to sit may make it a bit easier. It’s nice to be alone in nature sometimes, listening to the wind and the leaves and the birds and people in the distance. At times it can be quite meditative. 

Listen to a podcast
There are tonnes of free podcasts on iTunes, Spotify or Youtube to download, have a search around for the things you enjoy listening to. Things that make you laugh and feel good will take your mind of the time and make going out a lot easier.

Explore the area you live in (if that’s safe)
Of course this isn’t easy for everyone, but depending on where you’re living, it could be nice to have a little wander down side streets and parks to get an idea of whats around. Some of the cutest areas are in places you just don’t see when you’re in a rush walking from a - b.

Go on a photography walk
This can be done with your phone, or if you’re a little luckier, a good camera. Having somewhere to share these photos may encourage you to do it more often, even if that’s in a personal scrapbook. You could document each day of the year to show how the seasons change, or just try out different styles of photography to challenge your ability and skills.

Walk with a pet
Dogs are one of the purest things on earth, if you spend some time following them about and watching their lil’ feet, it’ll probably make you feel about 130% better. When walking with dogs, I find myself talking to them and getting a better idea of what their personalities are like. Maybe I’m that crazy animal person, I can accept that.

Walk with a friend and use it as time to get to know each other with questions
Have a look on Google or Tumblr for questions to get to know a person, and you’ll usually find lists upon lists of interesting topics to talk about. Sometimes we just don’t spend enough time talking and listening with the people we love. Give it a go.

Collect things to make - stones, pine cones etc
This is especially fun to do around autumn/ christmas. You’ll probably come across jars in stores filled with pine cones or decorative pebbles to place around your house, and sometimes these can cost a lot. You could easily make a version for free if you’ve got a jar or even just a pen to draw on some stones with. 

Take a notepad out with you and use your time outside to draw - this could be people, leaves, animals, buildings, anything. Perfect for the aspiring artist trying to figure out how the frick to draw things.

For the more daring person who doesn’t find the idea of being abducted by aliens terrifying. Take a friend with you and go to a less light polluted area to just sit and chill. You could go in a car, take some snacks, some blankets, tea in a flask and make it a date. There are also some pretty cool apps that’ll tell you where certain stars and constellations are for some added excitement. Nobody said the fresh air had to be in the morning!