How to deal with stress


The new academic year has begun, and if you’re anything like me you’re finding any excuse to get 15 notebooks and loads of new stationary. I love new beginnings, but it’s easy to forget about the the stress that comes with exams or work.. or just life in general. Stress is a pretty inevitable thing, but there are definitely ways to lessen the pressure.

Stay Organised

Bullet journalling has become pretty popular in the last couple years, probably because it works well (or just looks really cute). There are plenty of videos on youtube on organising a journal, including prompts and layouts - everything from budgeting to class schedules. Have a look around to see if it’s something you could integrate into your lifestyle.

If it works, great! If not, onto the next thing. There’s no harm in trying. 

Get things done

Whether this is an hour or two after school or your job just to get some extra work done, it’s worth it. It’s so easy to continue pushing things away if you put them off in the first place, so try your best not to do it. It might be a case of stopping off at a coffee shop or a library on your way home so you don’t get distracted. You could always turn it into a cute work date - put some music on, grab yourself a nice drink and make yourself comfortable.

Do something fun

Physical activity is quite commonly known to reduce stress, so it may be worth exploring things like running, swimming, or yoga to see if that helps. However, if you struggle to get physical, maybe you have a disability or your mental health just gets in the way, there are other options - try writing, drawing, watching something, talking to a friend, going to a support group - anything you can think of that may reduce your symptoms of stress. 


Set a sleep routine

Harder done than said, but getting into a habit of sleeping and waking up at the same time will do you good. You don’t have to be asleep by 8 and awake by 5 at any means, but if you’re up at least an hour before you have to properly start your day, and leave 8 hours for your sleep, you may notice a difference in your mood. Try it out and see if works for you. If not, keep experimenting.

Keep some time for yourself

Self care is essential, yet hugely underrated. Put aside some time for yourself in your calendar - a day of self care every Sunday, or an hour for a hot bath with a movie on a Friday night. Every minute matters. Do what you enjoy and try to be as present as possible. 

Most importantly don’t be too hard on yourself. Everyone deals with stress in different ways and in different amounts. Take things at your own pace and ask for support if you feel like it would benefit you. There’s no shame in reaching out.