Bullet Journal Inspiration for 2018


So.. I know time is just a made up concept and doesn't really matter, and that every day is just as important as the other.. but damn I am such a "new year new me" enthusiast. It's not so much about becoming a different person, it's more just about reinforcing the idea of self-improvement and acknowledging that we often forget about the potential we have to be better in so many ways. There's just something about fresh starts, clean surfaces, unopened notebooks.. segway!

As it's the season of new notebooks and exciting bullet journal beginnings, I thought I'd share some page ideas, layout concepts & general inspiration for positive journaling. 

New years resolutions

Having your resolutions at the front of your notebook is a great way to remind yourself regularly what your goals are. It might be an idea to make some side notes underneath on how you want to achieve those things.

Bucket list

Similarly to your resolutions - having a checklist of more adventurous goals for 2018 can keep your mind open to saying yes to new opportunities that come up. 

Monthly, weekly & daily spread

As the photograph shows, sometimes having your schedule laid out on paper can give you a clearer idea of where your hours are going and which areas of your life are taking up most of your time. 


Habit tracker

Habit trackers quickly became a favourite of my 2017. Having a list of tasks to do each day like eating 3 meals, drinking 8 cups of water, sleeping 8+ hours, and making a checklist each day to see your progress and look for patterns can make such a big difference to your life.


Mood + sleep tracker

Again, another thing trackers are great for is checking your mood and sleep - you may notice correlations or patterns that mean your mood is affecting your sleep and vice versa. Interesting stuff.

Workout challenges

If you're aiming to get fitter in the new year, it may be worth looking at some 30-day workout challenges that'll take you from 1 sit up to a hundred. Having it in your notebook to check off daily might be the motivation you need!

Study/ work tracker

Especially handy for those in university or with hour based work needing to keep an eye on your time spent during the week. 

Favourite recipes

When you're trying to feel better health wise, having a list of staple recipes that are easy, tasty and accessible will help you out a tonne. There's nothing worse than going to plan your meals at the beginning of the week and just having no clue on what to eat or buy.

Ideal morning routine

A cute lil timeline of your ideal morning/ evening routine at the beginning of each month can keep you on the right track with looking after yourself as best you can. Things you can include on your list are; drinking green tea, making your bed, having breakfast, brushing your teeth etc. 

List of achievements

It's so easy to get halfway through the year, feel like you've achieved nothing and then give up on the rest of the year. Avoid falling into that rut by keeping a list of your achievements somewhere, even if they're small by your standards. These can be anything from eating 3 meals a day for the first time in however long, or running your first mile, to writing an album or setting up a business. Celebrate yourself as much as you can. 

Self-care reminders

You know those moments where you fall into a vicious cycle of thinking you're not doing what you "need" to do, so you continue doing nothing whilst beating yourself up over it for hours and hours? Keep a list of things to do when you first hit that cycle in the back of your notebook so you can get out of that bad headspace. Things like drinking water, washing your face, making a to-do list, and looking yourself in general.

Online sites like Pinterest and Tumblr have pages upon pages of inspiration for bullet journal layouts so it's worth checking that out in order to personalise your journal fully. Be patient with it, and most importantly, have fun!